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Physical Measurements Service
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PPMS 9T (Physical Properties Measurement System)
  • PPMS 9T (Physical Properties Measurement System) Quantum Design (QD).
  • Acquired on December 2004.
  • The PPMS 9T is a versatile instrument designed for magnetic, thermal and electric measurements in a controlled temperature-field environment. PPMS specially-designed options include AC and DC magnetometry, heat capacity, thermal transport, DC resistivity and AC transport. Helium-3 refrigerator option allows continuous temperature operation down to 0.35 K. It is designed for heat capacity and resistivity measurements. A transverse susceptibility option has been developed in the Service using the Multi-Function probe from QD.
    In addition to these options, a high-resolution AFM/MFM (Atomic and Magnetic Force Microscope), designed by NanoScan Ltd., fits perfectly into the PPMS, thus providing a versatile nanoscale imaging tool in a variable temperature (4 K – 400 K) and magnetic field environment (up to 9 T).
  • • Basically, this system integrates a precision temperature control unit (1.9 K – 400 K) with a Continuous Low Temperature Control System, and a high-field superconducting magnet (±9 Tesla); in this basic environment the measurement options are installed. The software, running within Windows environment, allows full automation of all system parameters while controlling measurements and making data collection.
    The PPMS can be used not only with the specially-designed measurement options, but also to adapt your own experiments, since it provides external instrumentation control.
  • Temperature range:
    • 1.9 K — 400 K. *
    • Rate: 0.01 K/min — 20 K/ min.
  • Magnetic field range:
    • 0 a ± 9 T.
    • Rate: 10 Oe/s — 180 Oe/s.
  • • Available measurement options:
  • Accesorios disponibles para este equipo:
* La opción de He-3 permite bajar hasta 350 mK en las opciones de Resistividad DC, ACT y HC.