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Physical Measurements Service
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Oven VSM
The oven for the PPMS VSM provides a way to make sensitive DC magnetometry measurements at controlled temperatures from 300 K up to 1100 K. With this option measurements below 300 K are not available since the PPMS sample chamber is kept to 295 K while the system operates in VSM Oven mode.
  • Sample holders:
    Using a specially designed heated sample holder (stick shown in figure) the VSM vibrates the sample inside the VSM detection coilset. Heating of the sample is achieved by applying current to a platinum resistive heating element lithographically patterned onto the sample holder. A thermocouple embedded on the back side of the sample holder measures the temperature in the sample region. Due to the low thermal mass of the heated substrate, you can maintain heating rates at the sample of over +200 K/min throughout the full temperature range of the oven.
  • Muestras:
    Powder, film, pellet.
    Solid plates and thin films are ideal for use in the VSM Oven. The ideal sample geometry is a thin plate that can be glued flat to the heater stick, thus allowing optimal thermal contact to the heater. In any case, the sample should not be wider than 3 mm.
    The sample is bonded to the heater stick with a high-temperature alumina-based cement.
    The sample and heater stick are wrapped with a copper-foil shield to keep the heat and minimize thermal gradients between the sample and the holder.
    Cooling occurs through thermal radiation.

    New dry mounting technique available:
Horno VSM - montaje en seco
Dry mounting: side view of a thin film sample mounted to the stick before the Cu foil shield is applied
Horno VSM - Varila portamuestras
Oven VSM - Sample holders