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Physical Measurements Service
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Transverse Xac (RF Susceptibility measurements transverse to H)
  • Acquired on June 2008
  • The Transverse Susceptibility option (TS option) for the PPMS allows susceptibility measurements perpendicular to the DC magnetic field.
  • The measurement technique is based on an inverter CMOS cell oscillator cross-coupled to a LC tank (*). Samples are placed in the core of an inductive coil (see figure), which is an element of the self-resonant LC tank circuit. As the magnetic properties of the sample changes, with the magnetic field and/or temperature, the circuit impedance changes promoting a shift in the resonance frequency. Resonant frequency can be measured with a very high degree of accuracy so that this measurement technique presents the advantage of precision and high sensitivity when it comes to detecting changes in the physical properties of materials as a function of temperature and magnetic field.
  • This option has been developed by the Service using the Multifunction Probe of Quantum Design (P-450) which incorporates a built in thermometer.
Xac transversal
Transverse Xac
Xac transversal (detalle)
Transverse Xac (zoom)
* A.I. Figueroa, et al., Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (2012),