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Servicio de medidas físicas
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PPMS 14T (Physical Properties Measurement System)
  • PPMS 14T (Physical Properties Measurement System) Quantum Design (QD)
  • Acquired on December 2011.
  • The PPMS 14T is a versatile instrument designed for magnetic, thermal and electric measurements in a controlled temperature-field environment. PPMS specially-designed options include AC and DC magnetometry, heat capacity, thermal transport, DC resistivity and AC transport. Helium-3 refrigerator option allows continuous temperature operation down to 0.35 K. It is designed for heat capacity and resistivity measurements. A transverse susceptibility option has been developed in the Service using the Multi-Function probe from QD.
    In addition to these options, a high-resolution AFM/MFM (Atomic and Magnetic Force Microscope), designed by NanoScan Ltd., fits perfectly into the PPMS, thus providing a versatile nanoscale imaging tool in a variable temperature (4 K – 400 K) and magnetic field environment (up to 14 T).
  • Basically, this system integrates a precision temperature control unit (1.9 K – 400 K) with a Continuous Low Temperature Control System, and a high-field superconducting magnet (±14 Tesla); in this basic environment the measurement options are installed. The software, running within Windows environment, allows full automation of all system parameters while controlling measurements and making data collection.
  • Temperature range:
    • 1.9 K — 400 K. *
    • Rate: 0.01 K/min — 20 K/ min.
  • Magnetic field range:
    • 0 a ±14 T.
    • Rate: 10 Oe/s — 180 Oe/s.
  • Available measurement options:
  • Tools (specially designed):
*He-3 He-3 allows temperature operation down to 0.35 K; compatible with DC resistivity, ACT and HC.