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Physical Measurements Service
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Opción RSO (Reciprocating Sample Option)
The RSO option measures a sample by moving it rapidly and sinusoidally through the SQUID pickup coils. Lock-in techniques reduce the contribution of low-frequency noise to the measurement improving the sensitivity to approximately 5 x 10-9 emu.

RSO transport allows RSO as well as DC and AC measurements. The RSO option includes a separate airlock since the RSO transport does not have a built-in airlock. When the RSO airlock is used, installation or removal of samples can be done at low temperatures.
The RSO measurement is incompatible with EDR (Extended Dynamic Range) option. However, since the transport also allows DC measurements, EDR can also be employed making a DC measurement instead.

Performance : Opción RSO (Reciprocating Sample Option)
  • Higher sensitivity
    • 5 x 10-9 emu (DC 10-7 emu).
    • The option uses of a high-quality servo motor. During an RSO measurement, the servo motor tracks the position of the sample. The position is recorded synchronous to the acquisition of the SQUID signal.
    • Lock-in techniques improve the signal to noise ratio.
  • Faster
    • The SQUID stabilization delay is not necessary.
    • Hysteresis cycles up to 8x faster than using the standard transport
  • Compatible with the Oven option.