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Physical Measurements Service
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Horizontal Sample Rotator
Rotador horizontal The MPMS Horizontal Sample Rotator rotates samples around a horizontal axis (magnetic field is along the vertical axis, or z-axis) up to 360 degrees.The minimum increment is 0.1 degrees. The software allows full automation of sample rotation during magnetic measurements.

Rotador horizontal (detalle)
  • Samples are attached on a copper flat rectangular plate (rotor) with dimensions 1.6 mm x 5.8 mm, therefore limiting sample size. Samples with large thickness are further limited since the rotation may tumble the sample into the rotator walls.
  • Sample is attached to the plate using a small amount of grease or G varnish.
  • Sample changes are performed always with the system at room temperature.
Plate magnetic contribution:
  • DC: diamagnetic de ∼ - 8 x 10-5 emu a 2 T. Temperature and rotation angle independent.
  • AC: χ' (∼10-7 emu) y χ'' (∼10-6 emu) .Temperature independent but rotation angle dependent.