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Physical Measurements Service
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  • Put in operation on November 2007.
  • Permeámetro AC de circuito magnético cerrado (detalle)
  • AC closed magnetic flux permeameter.
  • Developed by the Service following international IEC 60404-3 to characterize magnetic steel strips. Calibrated by an accredited laboratory.
  • Designed for the measurement of amplitude permeability, hysteresis loop and magnetic losses in W/kg.
  • Operation:
    • It integrates a primary and a secondary windings around a hollow support where the sample is introduced. A sinusoidal voltage source circulates a primary current that produces a magnetic field at the sample.
    • The magnetic field at the center of the winding, just below the sample, is measured using a hall sensor.
  • Performance:
    • Rango de funcionamiento:
      • Frequencies: 1 — 400 Hz .
      • Magnetic field: ≈30A/m — 10000 A/m.
    • The measurement error is less than 10% at 50 Hz.
  • Sample characteristics:
    • It has been designed to measure strips with the following dimensions:
      • Length ≥ 17 cm
      • Width ≤ 5 cm
      • Thickness ≤ 0.25 cm
Permeámetro AC de circuito magnético cerrado (vista general)