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Physical Measurements Service
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Oven Chamber space
Opción horno The MPMS Sample Space Oven option extends the temperature range of the MPMS to 800 K. Temperatures below 300 K cannot be reached when the oven is installed.

Special attention should be paid to sample installation and oven general operation. It is not recommended to leave it unattended for long periods of time.

  • The oven is a vacuum-insulated (1 mm at 10-7 torr) heated chamber that fits inside the MPMS sample Chamber.
  • AC and DC measurements can be performed (AC without phase calibration)
  • 300K ≤ T ≤ 800K.
  • The surfaces of the inner and outer tubes of the oven’s vacuum sleeve have been prepared to reduce radiative heat transfer.
  • The heater is noninductive and nonmagnetic.
  • Pt thermometer.
  • The heated region of the oven is approximately 15 cm long and is centered at the level of the MPMS superconducting magnet and SQUID pickup coils.
  • The cooling mechanism is thermal radiation.
  • The system temperature outside the oven is kept at 270 K.
  • Sample length must be less than 10 mm and diameter ≤ 3mm.